Press Release

DOQSOFT Inc. is proud to announce it's new North America distribution operations for Cartadis products., a French company, developer of automation hardware and software for print management, pay for print and authentication.

We are proud to announce the beginning of operations in North America in partnership with Cartadis S.A.S.
With this alliance, DOQSOFT becomes the main distributor for Gespage Print Management software and hardware supporting resellers and OEMs over Americas, creating a strong support and sales ecosystem over the region.

Cartadis has an extensive products portfolio for all MPS resellers/integrators, and DOQSOFT is now providing all products and services including:

Gespage Print Management
TCM4 Proximity reader
Payment stations
Copier terminals
Pay-for print solutions

"We are excited to start a new extensive collaboration with Cartadis/Gespage. With this alliance we will deliver easy, simple and affordable solutions to our partner network" Eduardo Mendoza, CEO/Founder, DOQSOFT.

About Cartadis S.A.S.
Cartadis has managed for about 30 years, to grow on the market of equipments and accessories for the payment office, vending and washing vehicles, on the basis of a broad network of resellers on French territory and over the world.

DOQSOFT is a solutions center and regional software representative in North and Latin America. We specialize in supporting companies on their path to digital transformation. We are always focused in adding value to our partners in the face of the growing need for transformation and business continuity.